Sharpening Service

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Sharpening Service

When we are sharpening knives, our focus is to bring out each knives trait. Some knives are thick, some are not. There are many varieties of steel types as well. Depending on knife style, it should be maintained properly. We are glad to support you have and regain a good culinary experience with our services. Instead of we just make your knives sharper, we hope you can find food tastes better, when food is prepared with sharpened knives by us.

Please check the services page for the pricing for sharpening service.


Our commitment

- Complete with natural stones

- Sharpening Finished by hands

- Inspection

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No more sawing with my sharpened knives!

I recently had three older knives sharpened by Fine Edge Cutlery. I thought they were in need of sharpening, but I didn't realize how much until I got them back. They are so much better to use now! I will definitely use this service to sharpen the rest of my knives!

Fine Edge Cutlery

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked my sharpening service. I hope you can enjoy cooking with sharp knives.

Hiro N.
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Any knives can be reborn

It does not matter how much you pay for your new knives. They will become dull. The mutter is how you can keep sharpness. I have never satisfied sharpening tools we can buy in the market however I did not know other ways to do so until I found Fine Edge Cutlery. I admit sharpening knives is a special skill. I asked him to sharpen two knives first. One was a retired knife and now just use for camping. The other one was a fifty-year-old grandpa’s kitchen knife with a little crack. I found them from my garage. They are now sitting on my kitchen counter as the top line of my cooking knives. I cannot use other knives any longer. They brought me joy for daily cooking. It was a fantastic experience. So that is why I said it is a special skill. Thanks much Fine Edge Cutlery.

Fine Edge Cutlery

Thanks for the review, Hiro. I'm glad you liked our sharpening service. And, I hope your granpa is happy that you are liking his knife as well.

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I recommend this product
Back to new

I have had my knife for over 10 years and have sharpened it professionally many times. This is the first time it has returned to feeling brand new or maybe even better. Thank you Fine Edge Cutlery for your skills and care while sharpening my knife.

Fine Edge Cutlery

I'm glad you liked my sharpening service! And, thanks for the review.