Kensho Diamond leveling plate (medium grid)

0.8 kg

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This Diamond plate is used to keep the whetstone surface flat. This diamond flattening plate is designed to flat and re-level whetstone. It has wider slits to ease the mad clogging to the plate, which also helps you work it with ease.

It can be used for both man-made and natural stone. This leveling plate is attached to a flat aluminum plate. It is thick and stiff so that the plate is strong against bend. We think having a good leveling plate is must item for sharpening. We recommend you to use this plate to check and hone your sharpening skill.

When the attached plate is deteriorated, you can replace a new plate. Also, you can choose fine and medium grit plate as well.

  • Size: 210mmx75mmx15mm
  • grid: 400#
  • Electroplated Diamond

* It is not designed for knife sharpening. This item is for flattening uneven whetstone
* The product has diamond plated surface though, since it cuts whetstones, the surface is getting dull and deteriorate.