Kensho Nagura GC stone


Green silicon carbide (GC)

This GC dressing Nagura stone is designed to bring the GC trait to your whetstone. Using the Nagura stones, you can simply make your custom stone with your own stones. The Nagura is quite versatile. You can use this, for instance, #3000 Nagura to your WA #8000 stone to make like #5000 stone with GC trait. Even you can dress your natural stones with this for the final touch as well.

GC abrasive grains are quite hard so that it cuts materials fast, but the whetstone surface can be easily dished out since the abrasive is flaky. Also making a good quality GC whetstone costs a lot. My supplier in Japan designed this stone to resolve the both problems. The abrasive(GC) is expensive and flaky but by dressing your stone with the nagura stone, you can bring the GC attribute to your sharpening with low cost. Also, Good thing about nagura style is easier to control how much abrasive grains and water you want to leave on your whetstone surface.

Size: 30×30×30mm
Grid: #3000, #6000, #8000
Colour: white/green


It is recommended to use harder natural stones, or over #3000 grid Kensho whetstones.

* It is made and cut by hand. There may be variation in size a bit.
* It may get soften, if you keep it in water too long.
* If your knife doesn't move well,  please make sure and fix your whetstone surface