Kensho Sei Whetstone #3000

0.85 kg

Kensho Sei series is the culmination of Kensho series, Zan, Kei, Itadaki.

This whetstone is low-temperature fired resinoid stone, which contains Japanese high quality abrasives in it. It is not only leaving enough cushioning to the stone, but also keep the stone surface flat longer. It helps you to know which part of knife is touching the stone when you aim a consistent fine edge sharpening.

Sei #3000 is good for Japanese knives overall. It's good to use when you are making the basic shape of your knife, and this can be used for Kireha, Uraoshi, Itoha as well. Also, it can be used to regain sharpness quickly, when you don't see any chippings.

Size: 205×75×25㎜

Production method: Resinoid
Grit: #3000
Colour: Green

Recommended flattening plate:Kensho Diamond plate (mid)
This series (Kensho) of whetstone are recommended for someone who cares about details of sharpening, precision of sharpening, and superior sharpness. It is also good for migrating from man-made stone to natural stone.
* There may be difference is size a bit because of hand made product
* This is harden by high heat so that there is little difference is hardness
* This may not change even it's sunk in water long time though, it brakes once it gets frozen
*  It may have difference in colour between picture and in person